About Us

About Us

JOSH Naturals, a company founded by Wesely Suresh, commenced its operations in the year 2017 based in Frankfurt, Germany. It is a distributing company offering clinically evaluated natural ingredients for Sports Nutrition and Performance catering to the Food and Food Supplements industry.

The passion to offer right solutions from natural resources to this industry is what prompted the birth of JOSH Naturals.

The name JOSH is derived from the name of the founder’s nephew Joshua. Coincidentally, the word JOSH also means “Energy” in Hindi, the national language of India, the place from where most of the natural ingredients are sourced.

The company is strategically located in Frankfurt which is nearly central to Europe which brings ease to cater to customers all over Europe including the chance to travel to them quickly, if needed.

At JOSH Naturals, we believe in customer relationship and do our best to maintain this.

In our quest to offer quality natural ingredients, we are constantly researching literature and the internet, identifying innovative ingredients and including them in our portfolio. Sports Nutrition is one segment where more and more natural ingredients are being accepted due to its overall safety.

Our Vision

Providing safe and effective innovative ingredients from nature for sports nutrition and energy