Beet ‘boosts’ mental and physical performance

RedNite® is processed from fresh beetroot within 24 hours of harvesting to retain best color and actives. Fresh Beet is rich in immune - boosting Vitamin C, folate, fiber, iron, betanins and essential minerals like potassium and manganese. Further optimized manufacturing process assures consistent quality with lovely color, texture and pleasant taste with mild sweetness.

RedNite® is standardized to 1.5% - 2.75% natural nitrates. Nitrate is converted in the body into Nitric Oxide (NO). It is involved in increasing blood flow to the muscles, which makes it easier for the power generators, known as mitochondria, to produce energy. It also maintains blood pressure and controls muscle contraction.

Past studies have shown that beet can help cut minutes off run times, improves tolerance against high-intensity muscles. Oxygen is used more efficiently, so athletes have more power, are able to run faster, and are able to move more efficiently.

Standardized RedNite® ensures extra oxygen flow, more blood flows to the muscles because of the created widening of the blood vessels. Muscles can work longer which boosts stamina and increases performance.

• RedNite® is fully water soluble making it easy to work with in all kinds of formulations.
• RedNite® has been clinically evaluated in a sports bar.
• RedNite® shows best results when taken before exercise: 7-10 days and 2 - 3 hours before.
• Suggested dose : 500mg to 3g per day